Lebo M Productions (LMP) operates under the direction of Grammy Award winning composer, Lebo M and is among the country’s most successful commercial theatre enterprises, bringing live entertainment events to a global annual audience across the globe. Under the Lebo M Productions banner, the company produces and licenses theater, tv, film and music productions around the world. LMP has collaborated with the country’s leading regional theatres to develop new and exciting stage titles.

Our plans for the future are not only to finance projects, but to develop new projects of our own. For now our focus is exclusively on the stage, but across the whole spectrum of theatricals that we can create under that format. Our ambition is that we continue to learn and remain committed to making brave and bold theatre. At times it is physically dynamic and brutal. At others it's proudly tender and fragile.

It is about the ethos of collaboration, of empowerment, of that constant desire to improve. It is about telling stories in a voice we don't always hear and about finding talent in places we don't always look. Over the years the LMP method of devising theatre has helped people understand and make work throughout the world.